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Since 2005

Providing growth through creativity and expression

Expressions Music Therapy Services was established in 2005 to provide music therapy services to the communities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas. Our goal is to bring the power of music and its many therapeutic characteristics to individuals in need within the community. Individuals of all ages can relate to music and benefit from musical involvement and participation. Music Therapy is about taking part and not simply listening. It is our dream to bring joy and wellbeing to our clients through musical interaction and expression.

quality of life is vital for all individuals, regardless of age or ability

Music therapy in group homes, long term care homes, and privately throughout the Tri-City area

Expressions Music Therapy Services provides:

· Individualized treatment in group and private settings.

· Influence and enhance well being, improving quality of life.

· Encourage participation, interaction, and self-expression.

Our Mission:

To provide professional Music Therapy services to individuals with special needs to enhance well being and contribute to personal growth and development.

Our Philosophy:

We view each individual as a whole belonging to the community and therefore deserving of inclusion, respect, and opportunities for growth and expression. Each individual is a musical being with their own style, preferences, and ideas. Our aim is to cultivate potential, expand communication and expression, encourage growth and development and provide a safe environment in which each individual can explore the self and their creativity and potential.

Since 2005

Our Values

We are Client Centred

  • We value and foster individual’s worth, potential, and lifestyle
  • We provide individualized programming and goal development
  • We respect individuality, dignity and choice

We are Supportive

  • We provide compassion and comfort through a safe and positive environment
  • We foster spirituality and creativityWe maximize personal potential through music
  • We nurture responsiveness through musical experimentation and stimulation

We are Positive

  • We emphasize strengths and abilities
  • We provide positive and successful experiences
  • We challenge growth through the success-oriented medium of music
  • We influence and enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

We are Accountable

  • We provide education and learning to community, staff and family members
  • We work as part of a team with other professionals and members of individuals’ circle of care
  • We provide quality services and professional documentation

Angela Randall, RP, MTA,

Owner, Music Therapist – Expressions Music Therapy Services

Angela Randall is a sincere and compassionate person with a passion for music and its many benefits. She grew up in a home filled with music and has geared her life towards providing musical learning and healing for others. Angela graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, with a Bachelor of Music Therapy degree and General Psychology. Her main instrument is the piano; however she also enjoys playing guitar, flute, and other instruments. She has been working within the field of music therapy for twenty years and finds great satisfaction in seeing the growth and enjoyment that music can bring into the lives of others.

Angela established Expressions Music Therapy Services in 2006 and went on to become a Registered Psychotherapist. It is Angela’s dream to bring joy and wellbeing to the people she works with through musical interaction and expression.


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Music therapy for seniors, long-term care, kids and special needs individuals and groups to improve quality of life, connection, expression, and well-being.