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Music Therapy with Seniors and in Dementia care

As we age it becomes increasingly important for us to engage in meaningful, successful, and positive activities. Engaging with music in a variety of different ways opens the doors for connection, growth, meaning, and enjoyment that contributes to well being and quality of life. At EMTS, we have had the honour of working with, and supporting, a variety of individuals in the later part of their life. We have led
choirs, drumming groups, chime choirs, and group and individual sessions in both Long-Term Care and Retirement Home settings. We have also had the pleasure of sharing the journey of legacy work as we worked with individuals to put together recordings to give to their loved ones. Whether through singing together, engaging in movement, or keeping time on a drum or with a percussion instrument, we love to see our clients come to life and connect with themselves and others.

  • Music actively engages many areas in the brain at one time
  • Music is one of life’s earliest experiences and musical memories remain as some of the most deeply rooted.

In Senior care Music Therapy can:

  • Provide motivation for physical activity and distract from pain
  • Improve circulation and improve muscle strength and tolerance
  • Improve oral-motor functioning and functional speech
  • Facilitate reality orientation and stimulate short and long term recall
  • Facilitate the maintenance of cognitive skills
  • Maintain social awareness and interaction and minimize feelings of isolation
  • Facilitate reminiscence, life-review and validation of life experiences
  • Reduce aggressive and agitated behaviours and wandering
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression
  • Increase self-esteem and maintain sense of self worth
  • Elicit positive responses at any level of functioning

Quality of life is vital for all individuals

Individuals with Neurological and Functional Differences

In our differences there is commonality. We seek to discover that commonality through music, to bring us together in the moment. No matter what a person’s abilities or limitations, there is always a way to engage with music that is meaningful and of interest. With a small sound, or a slight movement, a moment of eye contact, or a meaningful moment of touch, there are possibilities for coming together in connection and moving towards growth. Our therapists have experience working with individuals across the life span with a wide range of abilities, interests, and challenges. With the use of musical preferences and a full assessment to discover the each client’s unique responses and capabilities, we are able to come along side those individuals to support, encourage and witness their moments of connection, growth, and expression.

  • Music actively engages many areas in the brain at one time
  • Music can stimulate and develop more meaningful and playful communication
  • Those with neurological and cognitive differences have often been found to
    have a real connection with music
  • Music is a non-verbal, non-threatening medium that elicits positive and
    successful experiences

In caring for those with neurological and functional differences, Music Therapy can:

  • Develop and encourage fundamental elements of social interaction, self-awareness, and self-in-relation-to-others
  • Accommodate and address avoidant styles of communication
  • Encourage and explore self-expression
  • Improve attention span
  • Aid in learning developmentally appropriate cognitive skills
  • Reduce aggressive and agitated behaviours
  • Elicit positive response at any functioning level
  • Enhance functional abilities while simultaneously enriching creative and expressive capabilities


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