Sep 13, 2022

Sing Out Loud!


We know that music is good for us.

It connects us, it increases our “feel-good” hormones, it motivates us, it calms us, and it is a wonderful way to connect to and express our feelings.

In very similar ways singing is good for us too. Singing stimulates our immune system, it reduces stress, it improves our lung function and breathing, it helps strengthen our memory, it supports speech, it helps improve our mood, and it contributes to our sense of connection and belonging.

Regardless of how your voice sounds and whether you have been told you should sing or not, singing is an activity that we should all participate in. There was a time when singing and making music was part of everyday life. It was what people did to bring them together, to connect, to mourn, to celebrate, and to inspire motivation and progress through difficult and menial tasks. In some parts of the world, this is still true, but in today’s modern society we sometimes leave the singing up to the experts, the performers, the musicians, and the churchgoers.

Whether you sing in the shower, join in with the radio, or sign up for singalongs and choirs, I would like to encourage you to find ways to bring singing into your daily life with your family and loved ones. Particularly as we age, maintaining our health, our voice, and our connection is vital for our quality of life. Singing is an activity that we can all do to help with all these aspects of life.

Get Singing!

If you are involved in the support and care for a loved one, singing together is a wonderful way to move the day along as you work on tasks together. You can sing to help establish and connect with a steady beat for movement and exercise. You can use singing as a distraction from pain and frustration. You can also use singing as an aid in remembering steps, tasks, and information as you work together. Whether you make up a song, change the lyrics to a familiar song, or sing songs that are old favourites, I invite you to find a way to bring song into your daily life and get singing!


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